At Notogroup, we have a singular focus on providing the most comprehensive executive search and selection service so that our clients can be assured that each and every hire is a successful one.

We’re exacting and inspired to be the best. We start where others end, looking beyond resumes to the subtleties and nuances that separate the great from the merely good.

Our services include:

Executive Search
Employer Branding
Recruiting Resources
Strategic Alignment

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We're obsessed with finding you the best talent.

Executive Search

Experience, professionalism and a remarkable network of cultivated relationships provide the foundation for achieving speed while assuring quality of hire. We use creative methods for highly effective recruiting, while maintaining a diligent candidate filtering process that considers your company’s unique requirements and culture. Our candidate assessment methods include in-depth competency-based interviews, realistic job previews, and other selection tools to help our clients make exceptional hires.


  • Focused attention and experience of a principal working on your most important executive hires
  • Process for defining job requirements, accountabilities, leadership competencies, and fit
  • Comprehensive strategy for attracting the most qualified and sought after leaders
  • Assurance of professional, discrete, and engaging interactions with top industry talent
  • Thorough competency-based screening process for objective candidate assessment
  • Organized interview process with customized interview guides and evaluation tools
  • Advanced leadership assessment capability to further inform hiring decisions
  • Active communication and careful attention to detail to ensure hiring success.

Employer Branding

At Notogroup, we are experts in representing employer brands to potential candidates and the greater marketplace. Our team also includes seasoned marketing executives with expertise in brand building and enhancement. No matter the stage of your employer brand, we’ll help you refine your employer brand strategy and give you the tools to execute effectively.

Each engagement is customized based on your needs but may include:

  • Stakeholder interviews to understand the company and desired employer brand
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis to create a baseline of current perceptions
  • Audit of external employment brand awareness and perception at various levels
  • Audit of messaging, processes and touch points
  • Development of a comprehensive employer brand strategy
  • Partner with internal or external resources on execution
  • Develop tools for ongoing tracking and measurement

Recruiting Resources

Beyond executive-level hires, companies face a wide range of talent acquisition challenges, from managing hiring processes and developing new sourcing strategies, to deploying teams with specialized skills. Notogroup can address these needs with an array of versatile strategic recruitment solutions.

Strategic Alignment

Talent ecosystems are as intricate and complex as the people, culture and economic environment they embody. With an appreciation for the complexities of strategically aligning people with business objectives, Notogroup offers versatile Executive Search, Recruiting Resources and Consulting services to meet today’s ever-changing corporate needs.

Functional Expertise

Executive Leadership
General Management
Brand Marketing
Creative Direction
Ecommerce / Digital
Human Resources
Information Technology
Innovation / R&D
Product Design
Product Development
Product Engineering / RD&D
Product Innovation
Product Marketing
Product Merchandising
Production / Supply Planning
Retail Marketing
Retail Operations
Sales Management
Sourcing / Manufacturing
Store Development / Real Estate
Strategic Finance
Supply Chain & Logistics
Visual Merchandising