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Executive Recruiter Services

At Notogroup, we have a singular focus on providing the most comprehensive executive search and selection service so that our clients can be assured that each and every hire is a successful one.

1. Executive Search and Selection Service

Experience, professionalism, and a remarkable network of cultivated relationships provide the foundation for achieving speed while assuring quality of hire. We integrate creative and scientific methods to achieve an effective recruiting approach while also providing a substantive candidate filtering process that takes into consideration your company’s unique culture. Notogroup’s candidate assessment methods include in-depth competency-based interviews, realistic job previews, and other selection tools to help clients make exceptional hiring decisions.

As a valued client, you can expect the following:

  • The focus and attention of a principal working on your most important executive hires
  • A process for defining job requirements, accountabilities, leadership competencies, and fit
  • A thorough competency-based screening process for objective candidate assessment
  • An organized interview process with customized interview guides and evaluation tools
  • Active communication and careful attention to detail to ensure hiring success
  • A full replacement guarantee if the hire does not work out
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