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roy_notowitz.09.blgpicThank you for taking time to visit the Notogroup Career Network. It will be my goal over the coming weeks, months and years to create a dynamic, helpful and entertaining guide, commentary, and collection of resources for those interested in keeping tabs on game-changing talent management and executive recruiting strategies.

What is this blog all about anyway?

I live in Portland, Oregon, a place where people love being in the outdoors and where many have a deep appreciation for organic vegetables, specialty coffee, local wine, craft beer, gourmet cupcakes, and handmade chocolate.

Right near my new office in the Pearl District, there is a coffee shop called Barista. This morning I watched the owner Billy Wilson sampling a line up of new coffees. He, of course, stuck his nose deep into the steaming cups. He felt the grind. He tasted with care and enlisted one of the other baristas to evaluate as well. They worked hard to identify all of the unique qualities and differences between the various coffees. I was not surprised to learn he has won national barista competitions. Needless to say, Billy appreciates coffee a lot! While I get a lot of enjoyment from coffee, I have not devoted myself to achieving the same level of knowledge about it. I rely on Billy to make recommendations and to tell me about each cup.

In thinking about my new venture and working to align myself with my passions, I realized that I have a similar appreciation for evaluating and aligning leadership talent for companies. I am enthralled with people and how they are successful at work, discovering what motivates them, hearing about what paths they have taken, and what they have learned along the way. I have an equal appreciation for businesses and related company dynamics. In short, I am deep into people and careers.

Often, filling a job seems simple on the outset – like enjoying a cup of coffee – yet the true complexity of hiring is often underestimated to a large degree and to the detriment of companies.

This blog is dedicated to creating a community engaged in a dialogue that will explore the tiny but powerful nuances and complexities of people, work, careers, leadership, business, technology, culture, recruiting, and hiring.

Top 10 topics and trends that we will explore in the next 6-12 months include:

1. The integration of online tools such as: video interviewing, social networking, applicant tracking, and candidate testing and assessment inventories are converging. This will enable faster candidate generation and improve hiring decisions at the same time.

2. Candidate assessment tools are providing valid scientific data enable us to better understand the true capabilities and limitations of candidates in a meaningful way. These tools, when used in conjunction with other best practices will significantly improve hiring accuracy and subsequently the quality of hire.

3. Knowledge worker and leadership roles are being reinvented as a result technology and the need to accomplish more with less. Many of the jobs of the future will be different than the ones we hold now.

4. The social media and the need to stay productive is blurring the lines between the professional work environment and our personal lives which creates an interesting dynamic in the workplace.

5. Massive exposure for jobs may make it easier to attract potential candidates, but that will also create greater exposure and competition and noise over the best of the best.

6. “Portfolio careers” will expand the pool of quality of outsourced free agents, but reduce the pool of people wanting to follow traditional career paths.

7. Just as social media has shifted the control of consumer brands to the public domain, the same is true for employment brand perceptions and conversations between highly connected peers.

8. The rules have changed for job seekers. Nowadays, it’s not just “who you know” that matters most, it is also “who knows you” and how well they understand your capabilities.

9.  How to define company culture and assess organization fit when hiring.

10. Social media and the blurring of personal and professional bundaries.

Please join the Notogroup community of top executives and industry experts by subscribing to this blog. I invite you to participate and contribute as well. I hope that you find this blog insightful, helpful, and entertaining.

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